Meet Our Team

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We Work as a Team

Unlike others in the real estate industry, we enjoy a fully collaborative work approach. First, we listen deeply to our clients to make sure we are offering exactly what they need. Next, we work within our team to make sure to include the talents of every member. We know that one person does not have all the answers, and when we work together the end result is just plain better for all.


Morgan Davis

Oregon Principal Broker + Owner
Morgan's vision for Morgan Davis Homes originated from a hope to unify a business and team of individuals who represent a character of integrity and practice genuine connection within real estate. Morgan understands the business of real estate to be about engaging with real people. And as a team, it is our shared belief that home and community are some of the values that can make the kindness of this world a little more available to us all. Primarily, Morgan Davis Homes operates from a referral network of individuals and families from the Pacific Northwest region. That's all it takes. We are a group of people for one another; the rest is history.

Morgan Davis is the Chief Principal Broker at Morgan Davis Homes, an affiliate of Keller Williams Realty Portland Central. He is a business owner, husband, and father. Morgan has supported home buyers and sellers since 1996; engaging with the ever-changing community of the Pacific Northwest and assisting clients to navigate a process he himself has journeyed. When he is not managing a business, Morgan enjoys sharing a bottle of red wine, learning from and alongside his family, and enjoying the community-life of Portland.


Jenni Severson

Oregon Principal Broker + Operations Manager
Jenni Severson is our Operations Manager; overseeing all systems of Morgan Davis Homes real estate transactions, as well as the entirety of a client's experience from can't till can. Jenni is our "both/and" team member, queen bee, and organizational adviser. She has a vision for the big picture, and the will to see it executed. A long-time leader and advocate for a relational organization, she is sharp and admires the value of stories and the people that share them. Jenni has been a part of this team for twenty years and expresses an appreciation for both the creativity and nuance of each day in this business. She is the head of our referral network, connecting clients to trusted developers and team leadership, and is the liaison of all Morgan Davis Homes listings and any administrative need under the sun (but often, rain). Jenni is a Portland native and a member of four generations of Severson’s that have called the Northwest home. Without the familiarity of Mt. Hood’s skyline or the quirks of Portland’s pocket neighborhoods, Jenni might not be here, and the rest of us would be sorry.


Trevor Sanders

Oregon Principal Broker + Lead Buyer Specialist
Trevor Sanders has been a part of Morgan Davis Homes for fifteen years, participating in the development of this business since its initial growth. Before joining Morgan's team, Trevor was a bank manager for Washington Mutual— now sharing his knowledge of investment with clients looking to establish their equity in a growing housing market. As the lead buyer's specialist at Morgan Davis Homes, Trevor is a trusted leader with an attention to client direction. Trevor demonstrates a thoughtfulness in ensuring that the ownership of this process remains within clients’ vision. Ultimately, Trevor's goal as a team leader is to tread the sometimes-choppy waters of business, and discover how to strategize and personalize a system for each individual alongside trusted brokers and associates. We know Trevor for his wicked sense of humor, his unlimited love for his family, and commitment to Portland’s many food trucks.


Karen Davis

Transaction Coordinator
Karen Davis is our transaction coordinator, ensuring thorough communication amongst all parties of the home-buying process. She is deadline-conscience, but most importantly, she is people conscience— ensuring that clients remain entirely informed and kept in the loop. Karen's welcome into real estate began with her decision to collaborate with administrative members such as Jenni Severson, and consequently, she has been with our group ever since. Fortunate for everyone, Karen is nothing short of lovely; supplying both joyfulness and harmony to our team. She is the primary liaison between Title, Lender, and Seller's Agent with regards to transactions moving forward, and incidentally, likes to keep moving forward herself; whether that’s hiking, yoga, or spending time in the outdoors. Karen loves sharing a quality moment with Morgan and her four adult children, and being involved in her neighborhood and community.


Carolyn Kaleel

Oregon Broker
Carolyn Kaleel is an invaluable member of our buyer's team. She has been a broker with our group for four years, is an exceptionally bright human, and contributes a significant amount of energy and warmth towards her work. We believe her success in finding our beloved clients the right home emanates from her knowledge of the business, her acquaintance with the city that she loves, a talent for negotiation, and a passion for her clients. She is a fierce advocate – someone you want on your team. Beyond work, Carolyn delights in spending time with her larger-than-life family. You will find them congregating around a table, taking walks around their Irvington neighborhood, and laughing themselves to tears.


Kate McDermott

Oregon Broker
Kate McDermott is our team's primary showing specialist, working in partnership with our lead buyer's specialist, Trevor Sanders. Kate spends many days face-to-face with clients learning about their needs and serving each individual with the sincerity they deserve when searching for a home. Before joining our team this past season, Kate spent thirteen years in international adoption, working closely with individuals and families from every walk of life. She is a vibrant and strong part of our broker team, a lifelong learner, and tuned in to those around her. Born and raised in Portland, Kate has an eye for the best quality of what is "out there," as well as possessing a deep connection to the community and history of her hometown.


Jonathan Stillwell

Marketing Manager
Jon Stillwell is a creative jack-of-all-trades. He is our in-house Marketing Manager, and engineers many people’s ideas into a singular, coherent message; a skill that is entirely alien to the rest of us. Jon articulates our mission and purpose in a visual language that we so admire; managing our website, company brand, and digital/print media. A native Oklahoman, Jon has been with Morgan Davis Homes since his arrival to Portland in 2015. "However," as Jon has chimed in, he has plenty of experience as he has "lived in homes for upwards of 25 years." Jon appreciates that Morgan Davis Homes has created a community for a group of people that emphasizes familiarity with each other and this pioneer place we call home. Beyond the office, Jon loves exploring Portland's micro-brewery scene, schooling everyone at trivia, and playing drums.