2018 Portland Games for May

We have hidden 3 keys somewhere in Portland. Each key is hidden in a unique container and correlates with a specific prize. Each prize is valued at $200. Each team or family group can only win one prize.


Photo May 24, 11 52 48 AM.jpg

Key #1: The Orange Shelled Turtle

This little guy holds a secret key in his shell. Find the key he holds and you will win our "Eat Your Heart Out" gift pack. This is a $50 gift card to each of the following: Cosina Verde, Killer Burger, Apizza Scholls, and Pine State Biscuits. Now that's one tasty prize!

Photo May 24, 11 52 36 AM.jpg

Key #2: This little canister

Find this key and you will win Timbers tickets to see the Timbers take their arch-rivals, the Seattle Sounders , on August 26th. 

Photo May 24, 11 52 57 AM.jpg

Key #3: I got a rock

'Ole Charlie Brown would be happy to get this rock because it holds the 3rd key. The finder of this key will receive a $200 gift card to their choice of REI or Cabelas.